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Mike Poor

Mike Poor, as one of the original founders, has been with InGuardians since its inception in 2003. As President, he primarily guides the vision of the company and acts as an insightful consigliere when the chips are down. As a Senior Security Analyst, he conducts large scale breach analysis for clients, tests new technology, and brings a thoughtful attack plan to any information security issue or incident. Mike has supported Intrusion Detection and Incident Response teams for the military, worked for Sourcefire as a research engineer, and served the SANS Institute by leading their Intrusion Analysis Team. He has also been leading and teaching the Intrusion Detection Track at the SANS Institute since 2001, is the author and editor of the international bestseller Snort 2.1, a technical book from Syngress, and acts as a Handler for the Internet Storm Center. Aside from his powerful security intelligence and overwhelming charisma, the team finds that his most useful superpower is his uncanny ability to get into any restaurant. The rest of the time, he enjoys fly fishing, mushroom hunting, sailing, and playing ukuleles.