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Shawn H. Scott, CISSP, PMP

Shawn Scott is an accomplished cyber security leader focused on enhancing organizations’ defenses against the pervasive attacks from criminal and nation-state actors. Shawn understands that these threats are an enduring part of the modern business environment and assists clients in adopting the tools and solutions necessary to sustain their security efforts. Shawn honed his expertise during 23 years of service in the United States Air Force, where he led both kinetic and cyber operations. He was the Air Force’s subject matter expert on the employment of digital data links for close air support, and a primary architect of the command and control systems that are still used today. His passion for applying technology to combat operations led him to the rapidly-growing cyber warfare field, and in 2015 he was selected to establish and command the 224th Cyber Operations Squadron in the Idaho Air National Guard. Lieutenant Colonel Scott retired from his military career in 2018, bidding farewell to his team as they embarked on their first federal mission protecting our nation’s most critical networks. After leaving military service, Shawn operated as a cyber security consultant specializing in helping businesses normalize their information security programs. During the course of this work, he recognized the gap in available tools for management, oversight and analytics of information security programs. These observations led him to PlexTrac, where he is now focused on delivering solutions that business leaders need to manage their organizations’ information security risk.